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The Kitty Cat Basket No. 2

Hello there! Last friday i told you about my mom’s reaction when she saw the Kitty Cat Basket, so now a couple off days later the baskets for my niece are finished and as you can see i went a little bit overboard with my inspiration and it turned out to be totally different then the basket from last week.


Of course this set took me a lot more time than the one from friday which i had finished in less than 6 hours. While crocheting these i kept on adding more features like an bigger nose, eyes, bigger ears, paws and a fluffy tail until there was just nothing more to add hah! I went crazy this time but okay it’s for my niece so i may πŸ˜› I must say, baskets are definitely one of my favorite items to make, easy, fun and you can go so many ways in design and color. Just love it!

Psssst before i forget, i’ve posted an small video of this project on my insta profile

Happy November πŸ˜€

With love,


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Kitty Cat Basket Pattern (free)

I had this big yarn for a while now but i just didn’t saw a finished project out of it, yeah maybe something for the winter but i didn’t feel like doing that. So a couple of days ago my eyes fell on them again and i just saw it, a basket, and because of the soft and fuzzy feeling it soon became a kitty cat basket.

” Soft kitty, warm kitty – Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty – Purr, purr, purr “

I wished i was a cat and could crawl up in this soft and fuzzy basket. I could have known that when i’ve sended my mom a pic of the end result she immediately would say that my niece would love to have such a basket. I just don’t know who will love it more, my niece or her two little kitty cats, that will be a funny cat fight! 

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Big Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern (free)

Hi there! How are you doing? And are you already shivering with the autumn wind and the winter coming up? I know i am! So i am crocheting like a looney to be warm as soon as possible! And so i have completed my first slouch and wanted to share this pattern with my fellow crocheters for free. Continue reading “Big Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern (free)”